We are going to bring in Trost

I consult companies of various sizes and industries on strategic issues with regard to human resource management. A consultation usually takes up a few days.

Your situation

  • You find yourself in a position where you are less and less able to cover critical key functions with the recruitment actions you are currently taking. The number of applications and their quality have dramatically decreased. You are rather unknown as an attractive employer. Potentials go unutilized. You doubt the effectiveness of your team’s formation and the interaction between HR and the business lines.
  • You have implemented a talent management system several years ago. But somehow your approach is not having desired success. Promotions, recognition, and support of talent still occurs based on hidden rules. The organization has not really accepted your talent management system. Perhaps conditions have changed.
  • Your business is facing a comprehensive transformation. Management is seeking more organizational agility to achieve greater innovation and employer attractiveness. More freedom, personal responsibility, networking, and managers, that empower and coach rather than issue orders, etc. You wonder what role HR could play in this and if you need to rethink your HR actions in several areas.

My Approach

I scrutinize the current approaches of a company and develop a vision together with my clients. The initial situation or problem is always the starting point. Only after intensive consideration of structural and cultural conditions will we then proceed to the solution. This is when the conceptual work and implementation starts and I assist my clients every step of the way.

My Promise

In my consultation, I will ensure that what is implemented at the end not only fits the problem but also to company. My clients confirm that this kind of collaboration saves much time and money in the long run because you are working in the right direction from the start.