I will be happy to support you in solving strategic challenges around human resource management, leadership and organization.


A number of valued professorial colleagues who advise companies are outstanding in their particular field. I, on the other hand, cover a broad range of topics. You can already see this in my book publications, podcasts and YouTube series. I do believe, you can understand selected topics within human resources management better once you understand their interrelationships.

My Consulting Fields

Developing and Implementing an effective Employee Value Proposition

I support you in understanding your attractive characteristics as an employer in a structured way and communicating them effectively to your relevant target groups as part of an employer brand.

Reflection and Coaching of effective Leadership Roles in Various Leadership Situations

I support your leaders in finding, communicating and implementing their leadership role in the respective leadership context. They become more effective and avoid both misunderstandings and frustration.

Transforming your Performance Appraisal within a connected and agile Environment

I guide and support you in the strategic alignment, design and implementation of an alternative to the traditional, annual performance appraisal procedure.

Developing a comprehensive and effective Talent Acquisition Strategy

I help you to define and align your talent acquisition activities, methods and resources so that they are effective and/or efficient in meeting different hiring needs.


Together we develop your strategic fields of action in HR and align necessary activities that fit to your current and aspired understanding of leadership and organization.

Design and Implementation of Career Paths for strategically relevant Experts

I help you find and implement the right approach for attracting, developing and retaining strategically important expertise and experts.

Building your Strategy to identify and develop your most talented people

Together we design and implement a talent management strategy that is effective and fits your structural and cultural context.

Individual Coaching for HR Executives

I advise and coach HR executives on strategic HR issues in order to make them stronger and more effective. Mostly this takes place in the context of longer walks

You will safe Time and Money

Most of my clients have been going round in circles, getting bogged down or stuck on certain approaches long before they contacted me. I resolve this with you and quickly find the right approach that suits you and your business. You will save a lot of time, money, frustration and energy because we focus on the problem right from the start and consistently keep your structural and cultural context in mind. I know many solutions, but I never start with them.

If you engage Trost you will get Trost

Unlike many management consultancies, I offer you not 40 but rather 4 days. However, these days are quite intense. We assess your problem, look at the context and develop effective strategies and solutions. Depending on your objectives, one or two workshop days will make it. You work exclusively with me and not with any junior consultants.

I'm familiar with your challenges and I have seen a lot

I walked in your shoes for many years as an HR executive. For ten years I was a partner in the award-winning consultancy Promerit (now Mercer) and played a major role in shaping its work. For 15 years I have been actively working with companies of all sizes and from all industries in a variety of fields. Accordingly, you can benefit fully from my experience and expertise. My books, podcasts and YouTube series will give you a first impression of my way of thinking.

Your Clients will not pay for any Dogma

Yes, of course, today everything has to be somehow agile and new. No, it doesn't have to be! Sometimes authority is required, consistent division of labour, regulations and old-school human resources management. Unfortunately, this approach might be toxic in other contexts. In the end, it's the external customer benefit that counts, no more and no less. When you work with me, I don't bring in any dogma, but work with you on the strategy that is right for your company and your context.

Let us talk about your challenges without obligation. Then we will see how and whether it could go further.