Building your Strategy to identify and develop your most talented people

You will have a program in place to promote young talent. Nevertheless, key positions are often still filled using external resources or people who were not previously in your talent pool. You may frustrate or lose talented people. At this point, you start considering an alternative or a completely new approach.


Most approaches to talent management fail because they only work on paper but collide with the cultural and structural realities in your company. That’s why, after narrowing down the problem, we will first and foremost look at your internal context. Then, we are going to discuss relevant, strategic dimensions in a few workshop days and involve other key players in the business line. We will address questions such as: who is supposed to be responsible for development in your company, the employees themselves or HR? You decide to what extent I may or should play an advisory role in operational design.

Let us talk about your challenges without obligation.
Then we will see how and whether it could go further.

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