I speak plainly and they will love it

My keynotes are a blend of information, science, practical guidance, and entertainment. Noone checks their watch or text messages during the lecture. The attendees usually engage in lively discussions after the event. Above all, those in attendance take specific value back home for themselves or for their company.

I deliver profound insights and ideas in a simple way, with images, stories, and practical examples that the audience can relate to. I provoke with a certain amount of humor, never arrogant or dogmatic, but still in no-nonsense language. The audience will love it. Promise!

My topics that should catch attention

How to attract and acquire talent in times of talent shortage

Talent acquisition is a craft that can be mastered. To attract talent, you need to get a number of practical aspects right. If you don’t, you won’t attract good people. It’s as simple as that.

Leading people effectively

Good leaders know what leadership role they play in which situation and act accordingly. Those being led must be familiar with this role and know what they can and cannot expect from their leader. Leaders (executives, managers) will find their role only through their own active and guided reflection.

Human Resources Strategies in Times of Digitization

An agile company needs a different people strategy compared to a company that is focused on stability. This applies to almost all areas of human resources management: recruitment, selection, learning, development, remuneration, appraisal, feedback, and many more.

The psychology of rewards and incentives

Remuneration is first and foremost a psychological issue, not a financial one. Depending on the business context, incentive systems can either be effective or toxic in terms of motivation, recruitment, and retention. Those who ignore relevant psychological insights when designing systems of pay and incentives run the risk of wasting a lot of money.

The Future of Performance Appraisal in an agile Context

Traditional forms of the annual appraisal might be okay in stable worlds based on divided labour. In connected, uncertain, self-organised worlds, however, more effective alternatives are needed. These alternatives are continuous, autonomous, connected and flexible.

Learning in agile and stable working environments

Coping with complexity and uncertainty requires the creation of new ideas, products, and solutions. This is where working becomes synonymous with learning. In learning, we will have to get used to entirely new formats, media, roles, and content.

I like it professional
and simple. You do too!

Step 1

Simply contact me without obligation. I will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a telephone appointment.

Step 2

We will talk on the phone about your expectations, the target group, the topic, and the framework conditions.

Step 3

I’m going to create a suitable and written offer for you, which you can share with your responsible colleagues.

Step 4

In case of a cooperation, we will discuss the contents, the procedure, and all organisational matters. If you wish, we can setup and agree on a speaker agreement.

Step 5

I am happy to support you in marketing and announcing the event or lecture as well as providing photos and copy.

Step 6

You will receive my slides and a short summary in advance. I will arrive with a sufficient time buffer and inform you of my safe arrival.

Step 7

The longed-for keynote (finally) takes place. Shortly beforehand, I briefly connect with the moderator.

Step 8

If you wish, we can run a follow-up meeting. I am happy to provide my slides and further documents

I would like to better understand what you have in mind and what you are specifically looking for.