How to attract and acquire Talent in times of Talent Shortage

My presentation is not so much about the current and future problems of talent shortage (demographic change, etc.). These are well known to the audience. I also don’t really get into political solutions. I discuss what employers can do on their own to attract and acquire talent.

I illustrate strategies for successful talent acquisition and address the necessary mindset of the company with regard to its focus on candidates and leadership.

Among other things, I address the following questions: How should you position and present yourself as an employer? Which active sourcing strategies can help by using existing networks (such as employee referrals)? How do you convey a positive candidate experience? When do you look for people with competence and when would people with potential be a better choice? What kind of leadership do those employers demonstrate who find it easier to attract people? What is the essence of an attractive employer and how does this present itself specifically and practically in everyday life?


Managing directors and CEOs of small, medium-sized and large companies, human resources managers, HR professionals, professionals in talent acquisition, recruiting and employer branding

I would like to better understand what you have in mind and what you are specifically looking for.

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