The HR Agent

Every day I learn something new. I work with colleagues from HR, with professionals, managers and executives. We solve problems together. I am constantly exchanging ideas and I'm observing. I see what works, doesn't work or no longer works. My life consists of curiosity, surprise, irritation, working on new things, struggling to find solutions, enjoying success. And I read a lot. I am a constructive sceptic. Anyone can do HR bashing. But what are the right answers and solutions?

In my role as a professor, I absorb new things every day, structure things, develop perspectives and solutions for the business reality. This creates something that I give back in my books, my seminars, my podcasts and YouTube series. In my role as a professor, I am a kind of HR agent. What a wonderful profession!

Hearing, seeing, reading, learning

Be my student. There is me and my content as video, audio, image, text and of course personally.

Learning to go

More than 50,000 subscribers on YouTube. YouTube series and podcasts on Human Resources Management, Human Recourses Strategies and Social Research Methods. Over 100 videos and podcast episodes. I provide the slides for all content in PowerPoint format free of charge.

My english books

Sometimes I can't help it. Then my thoughts have to find expression in books. Several of them have become true classics in a short period of time.

In the classroom

I teach at the wonderful Hochschule Furtwangen. In addition I teach at some institutes and university in Europe.

Blogs & vlogs

Every now and then a topic moves me. Usually spontaneously. And if I have the feeling that this or that really needs to be said, then it becomes a short blog post or a short video.

Feel free to contact me here. I look forward to hearing from you!