Leading People effectively

In stable and predictable times, being a boss was a meaningful and effective leadership role. There were clear orders, a boss who knew the answers to questions and the solutions to problems.

Now times have changed in many industries and business fields. Tasks have become uncertain, with no clear results and uncertain ways to get there. Those being managed are technically superior to their managers. A vertical orientation was followed by a lateral focus on the customer.

Therefore, new leadership roles developed: The coach, the partner and the enabler (mentor). Responsibility is increasingly given or shared.

Good leadership requires that leaders become aware of their leadership situation and their role. They act consistently and communicate to the ones the lead why they act the way they do.

In this keynote I will show the leadership roles related to different situations and contexts. I outline how leaders can find their role and act accordingly.

Who feels addressed?

Everybody who leads people or support leaders in being good leaders. Executives and managers of small, medium-sized and large companies,  junior executives, persons responsible for people development, HR executives and HR professionals

I would like to understand better what you have in mind and what you are specifically looking for.