Human Resources Strategies in Times of Digitization

The overall business environment is undergoing a significant transformation. Digitization is fundamentally changing technologies, products, and the economy. Future generations are bringing their preferences into the workplace. The scarcity of talent is becoming ever greater.

All this increases the pressure on companies and demands a new quality of resilience, agility, innovative power, and customer proximity. Companies are faced with an unprecedented increase in complexity, uncertainty, and dynamism coupled with disruptive change.
These changing framework conditions will permanently change the world of work and the role of human resource management. Connected products require connected organizations and thus a new understanding of leadership and organization. HR will increasingly take on an enabling role in this regard.

Instead of providing “the right employee in the right place at the right time” from a central position, the focus will be on employees and their individual preferences, talents and life plans. Teams, managers, and employees will take on more responsibility for people-related issues. Whereas in the past, primarily the HR function benefited from HR technology, in future the focus will be more on teams, employees, and managers.

More and more companies will say goodbye to mechanistic, technocratic, and often bureaucratic approaches as their static structures lose importance. This development has consequences for almost everything done in the context of HR: recruitment and selection, learning, talent development, appraisal and feedback, as well as reward systems. Accordingly, strategic options will be outlined and put up for discussion in this presentation.


CEOs and executive of small, medium-sized and large companies, human resources managers, HR professionals, management consultants, people officers, CHROs, HR generalists

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Human Resources Strategies

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Human Resources Strategies

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