Talent Relationship Management

Competitive Recruiting Strategies in Times of Talent Shortage

In times of growing talent shortage, companies have to find new ways to fill their strategic positions from the outside. This book presents useful and competitive solutions for hiring talented and motivated employees. The author presents four concrete fields of action to achieve this and provides the reader with definitions of strategically relevant key and bottleneck functions. The book emphasizes the fact that employers must sell relevant functions just like they would as part of an employer branding strategy. Employers are moving towards active sourcing strategies beyond job ads and headhunting. They must maintain and manage relations with promising talent once they have been identified. Finally, employers must ensure a positive candidate experience. This book serves as a handy reference for HR managers and talent recruiters.

This book has been published at the Springer-series Management for Professionals in the year 2014

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Talent Relationship Management

Dieses Buch ist eine englische Übersetzung der deutschen Originalversion.

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