I’ve Actually Always Hated HR

I am a professor of human resource management but in fact, I was quite bored with this subject in my studies.  Since then, a lot has change in the world of human resources, but not nearly enough. Even today, it’s quite a struggle for me to open up a personnel textbook. Books with solutions are far and few in-between and yet they are desperately needed in view of the dramatic challenges the industry is faced with. These challenges in turn fascinate me.

I don’t want to add myself to the list of the numerous HR critics who in the end provide no solutions. There are plenty of those. HR is a godsend for any critic and self-appointed HR management guru – the weak deer which plunges against the seemingly superior, but in fact limping enemy, “You see! That’s what happens when you do not have a seat at the table.”

I refer to Bertrand Russell: The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.

Everything we know about human resource management is probably wrong. Everything I teach – wherever – is probably wrong too. I never want to be dead-certain (cocksure) with what I find. That is why I am always looking and asking questions that may sound cynical for some. I don’t want to just show things that don’t work, I also want to bring ideas to the table on how something might work. Thus I have been a curious, critical and hopefully creative student and teacher at the same time for many years. I learned most from companies that have tried something new in HR.

What I have learned over the many years, I share in my teaching, lectures, consulting projects, and books. What a wonderful job!