Modern Talent Acquisition Strategies that work

Gradually the shortage of skilled personnel is becoming painful and can no longer be ignored. Small and medium-sized companies are having an increasingly difficult time to attract good apprentices or qualified professionals. But the problem does not stop at big corporations.

Most managers or HR personnel are tired of being shown age pyramids. They want usable and sensible solutions they can implement immediately. In this talk, I’ll show you, based on examples, what employers need to do specifically to be better positioned in the labor market.

  • How do I present my company as an attractive employer and through what channels do I reach my target audience?
  • What active approaches can you use to come into contact with qualified and motivated candidates, besides vacancy notices?
  • How do I create a selection process where candidates would still say at the end “I would apply here again,” even though they were rejected?

In addition to functioning practical solutions, I will give you a new way of looking at the issue of recruitment. Picking the right person is no longer the problem, the point is to convince good people as an employer. For most participants, this presentation is a real eye opener.