Leadership and Organization in Times of Digitization

The rapidly increasing digitization will have a massive impact on every aspect of our lives, the economy, the workforce, society, and our private worlds. In business, we are experiencing an increase in complexity, uncertainty, and dynamics coupled with constant change.

All this requires radical rethinking in the areas of leadership and organization.

  • We will have fewer bosses, but more coaches and partnership leadership at eye level.
  • Rigid hierarchies are complemented and partially replaced by lateral network structures.
  • Teams need more freedom and personal responsibility on the basis of self-organization.
  • Individuality and individual lifestyles will receive greater appreciation.

In this presentation I will clearly show you how modern companies operate. The difference between hierarchy and agility will become tangible for all those present. It will become clear what this development means exactly for executives, employees, and top decision-makers. I galvanize, mobilize, inspire to reflect, and provide an orientation.