Findings for the Future

I have continued to learn every day for many years from HR managers, directors, employees, executives, and other opinion leaders. I try to understand what really works in HR, not only in PowerPoint slides. The results of my continuous search can be found in my books.

My books are practical, modern, easy to read, and helpful. At least that’s what my readers say. I am very proud of it and appreciate the positive feedback.

Human Resources Strategies

Balancing Stability and Agility in Times of Digitization

Future of Business and Finance
Springer, Heidelberg (2019)

The End of Performance Appraisal

A Practitioners' Guide to Alternatives in Agile Organisations

Springer, Heidelberg

Talent Relationship Management

Competitive Recruiting Strategies in Times of Talent Shortage

Springer, Heidelberg

Employee Referral Programs

A comprehensive Study

Together with Mona Berberich
Books On Demand (2012)